Can I get my system installed?

We are happy to offer both "Supply Only" & "Supply & Fit" when we have a store close enough to you.

Can I fit the system myself?

We are happy to supply you direct if you want to fit yourself - our kits usually include the gaskets, bolts, rubbers you will need. Most turbo back systems are not hard to fit however systems with extractors can be harder to fit. Depending on your location we may have an authorised installer who can do the job for you. Please call or email us to see if we have an installer in your area.

What's the difference in press bent v mandrel bent?

Exhaust pipes can be bent using two different techniques - mandrel and press bending. Press bending machines are commonly found in exhaust workshops, while mandrel bending machines are much rarer & are usually owned by volume exhaust manufacturers. Press bends are made with tooling that remains external to the tube, causing a reduction of approx 8% in the diameter of the tube as it is bent. Mandrel benders use a mandrel that is of similar diameter to the inner diameter of the tube.

Will the system be loud?

Most 4x4'ers want their vehicles to be quiet & our systems will give you a nice note but are not too loud. They comply with current legislation in all Australian states. If you want a louder system we will probably have to custom make one or change the muffler in the system.

To what extent will I save fuel?

A free flowing exhaust system will assist your engine to perform better. This in turn should ensure it uses fuel more efficiently. This is very much dependent on your driving style & the conditions at the time.

Does pipe size matter?

Yes, size does matter but bigger is not always best. Beware some manufacturers use odd sized pipe-work. Our general rule of thumb is to manufacture in two sizes: 3" (75mm) for systems 4 litre & over turbo systems - 2.5"(63mm) for 3 litres & under and some non turbo vehicles.

Why has my exhaust system failed?

The most common reason for any exhaust system to breakdown is general wear and tear.